If you’re coming to Maui looking to have beach photos done, there are really only two times per day that they can be done successfully: in the morning and in the evening.

But this post is all about morning Maui photography sessions. How are they different from evening sessions? Who are they best for? This blog post will answer all of these questions and more!

And where is the best place for morning photos? MAUI’S NORTH SHORE. No contest here, folks. If you want the best lighting for your photos, please don’t choose South Maui or West Maui. It’s just not as good!

1. Mornings agree with young children!

Often times, morning sessions are the best for young children (under the age of 4). Young kids get up rather early and are generally more happy in the morning hours. They have had adequate sleep, they just had breakfast, and they’re not all tired out from the day!

Le Family-33
Morning Family Photos in Maui_0003 maui child photographer maui family photographer 3 candid maui family photographer

2. Morning colors offer the brightest, most vibrant colors Maui has to offer.

Whether you are on Maui’s north shore (which is my favorite for morning sessions) or any other location on island, the blues, greens, and warm beiges will be more colorful than any other time of the day.

Caughron Family-87
Maui beach photographer for familiesHeather+Josh-4

3. The beaches are mostly empty in the mornings!

Sometimes beaches can be crowded, especially in the evening hours. In the mornings, however, often times we find vast, empty beaches. This is great for families who want a lot of room to run and play! As a photographer, this is great–it means I get to spend less time trying to avoid crowded areas and more time interacting with you and your family!

rainbow at the beach in Maui, hawaii family at the beach together in Maui, hawaii

4. There’s much less wind in the mornings!

Personally, I love wind. I love the way it plays with my hair around and creates drama. I especially encourage couples not to be afraid of the wind–it really helps with the romance!

But I get it: maybe you’re not fond of the wind. Maybe you have really fine hair and you’re worried about the wind whipping it around like a tilt-o-whirl. And that’s fine! The morning time is the best time for less wind.

Locations the North Shore (Baldwin Beach) will have more wind, but it is still significantly reduced in the mornings versus the evenings!

5. Your photo session is DONE by 9 AM!

I don’t know about you, but I love getting done what I need to get done before it gets too late in the morning. I feel like I have the rest of the day to putz around and do what I want to do rather than what I need to do. Having a Maui morning photography session will give you that sense of completion and satisfaction.

After we are done with our shoot, go grab some breakfast (I have some great recommendations for you) with your family and enjoy the rest of your day!

family with surfboard fence in Maui


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