If you’re coming to Maui looking to have beach photos done, there are really only two times per day that they can be done successfully: in the morning and in the evening.

But this post is all about sunset Maui photography sessions (click here to read about morning sessions) How are they different from morning sessions? Who are they best for? This blog post will answer all of these questions and more!

1. Sessions in the evening allow you to spend the day doing a plethora activities!

Here in Maui, we get up early. The sun is up by 7:00 year round and most activities are best done before 2 PM. Snorkeling, surfing, hiking–all these things are best experienced in the morning hours. If you choose an evening session, you allow your day to be freed up so you can enjoy the morning activities Maui has to offer!

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2. That Maui sunset…

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Radiant pinks, purples, blues, yellows, oranges. It’s like a color pallet splashed onto the sky. We get a nice sunset here in Maui, I would say, 75% of the time. But even when Maui isn’t showing off with its vibrant colors, the growing darkness and the glow-y light still make for amazing photos.

maui-photographer-dt-fleming-beach sunset engagement photos sunset-family-photos-in-wailea-maui_0008 amazing clouds on big beach in maui, hawaii sunset photo with red dress

3. The evening has the most dynamic light

Typically, the sun will be extra bright when I meet you on the beach an hour before sunset, but it will often duck in between clouds and create amazing shadows and backlighting, which I absolutely love. Your session will vary greatly between bright sun, soft sun, and blanketing darkness during that hour that the sun is setting. If you want several different looks from your session, sunset is the time for you!

maui engagement photographer - angela nelson photography_0004Maui family beach portraits | Angela Nelson Photography_0009 Beautiful Maui Elopement in Wailea, Hawii | Angela Nelson Photography_0013
So that all sound good, right? I mean, there’s nothing to NOT love about a Maui sunset.

However, there are some that I do not recommend for an evening session.

Any children under the age of 5 I do NOT recommend for an evening session.

Can it be done? Yes. But keep in mind your child’s eating and sleeping schedules. If you really want an evening session, I highly suggest you do your session at the end of your trip so your child has time to acclimate to the time change and the climate!

If you want to do a sunset session and you have young children, please schedule your session near the END of your Maui stay. That way your child has time to adjust and you have time to figure out their new eating and sleeping schedules!

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