Honolua Jungle Engagement Session

Crystal and Brian met through a mutual friend and clicked right away.  One thing I loved about this couple is how they know what they want–from knowing very early on in their relationship that they had found “the one” to knowing that they wanted a Honolua Jungle engagement session for their engagement photos.

They wanted to begin their session in Maui’s jungle.  This couple loved the misty greenery that this place creates.  Even though it was a touch windy to get full mist, we still had absolutely incredible lighting inside the forest.  While we were in the jungle trying to create lovely, romantic shots, these roosters kept popping up alongside us.  Every time another rooster would pop out, Crystal would die laughing, and we’d have to set the shot up again.  She has this incredible laugh. I made sure to snap a shot of one so Crystal and Brian will always remember them.

After the jungle, we went over to Ironwoods Beach in Northwest Maui.  This is my all-time favorite beach in Northwest Maui. So, it was very windy there that day, but they stuck with me and we got some dramatic and romantic shots.  Crystal and Brian got a little adventurous and jumped into the surf which was really fun.  They even decided that near the end of their session they would lay down in the surf and get wet.  I loved that they were up for anything to get an awesome shot!

We were really lucky in that we had beautiful lighting that day in the jungle and on the beach, but just as the sun went down in came the rain.  But, we didn’t let rain get us down.  Instead, we embraced the sprinkles and got an awesome kissing in the rain drops shot to end the session.

Crystal and Brian:  Thank you so much for choosing Angela Nelson Photography to shoot your awesome Honolua Jungle engagement session.  I loved trekking through Northwest Maui with you, and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to do whatever it took to get the shot.  Congratulations!


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