Zoe and Z had their South Maui honeymoon photo session here on Maui.  But it was really more of a belated bridal session.  These two eloped at the San Francisco Court House.  They didn’t have a photographer, it was just the two of them, so they decided when they were on their honeymoon they wanted some amazing Maui photographs.  And I was more than happy to oblige!

Zoe and Z had a huge engagement party where they had more than 200 people in attendance.  That party really showed them that when it came to their wedding they wanted something smaller and more intimate.  Just the two of them.  But they couldn’t get the idea of the perfect wedding photos out of their head.  So, a honeymoon session was just right for them!

I love that we really made this session into a bridal session.  She brought her wedding gown with to Maui for the photo shoot, and he brought his suit.  She even made sure to bring her blusher veil.  What a beautiful bride and groom these two were!  They both looked incredible!  And these two had chemistry you could feel from a mile away.

We were able to go to a handful of South Maui locations for their photo session.  We started our session at my favorite South Maui beach, White Rock.  Then we headed our way down towards Makena. We got some amazing lava rock views down there.  We ended our session at Maluaka where we got to play with some off-camera light and made some fun magical shots where we got some cool orange globe-like lights surrounding them.


Couple in wedding attire standing on Maui beach Man kissing wife's head Husband and wife cuddling near trees husband kissing wife's head under the golden sun and canopy of treey Veiled bride bride and groom hugging on beach Bride and groom on beach with mountain in background light cascading over it veiled bride on the beach bride in wedding dress walking up the beach individual shots of bride and groom, ocean in the background wife hugging husband from behind a sneaky hug from a new bride to her husband close up of bride and groom with bride's wedding ring set in focus wedding ring set on leaf couple on lava rock in the distance, tree leaves in the foreground wedding couple standing atop lava rocks newlyweds kissing with clouds above them man and woman traversing lava rocks in their wedding attire man holding wife's hand as she walks down the rocks in killer heels a romantic kiss on the cheek from the newly married man to his wife newlyweds walking hand in hand down the beach couple hugging with Maui's ocean in the background newlywed shot standing on beach hugging with lava rock and ocean in the background couple in love walking down the beach husband lifting his wife up for a kiss on the beach jeweled feet in the ocean Couple hugging on south Maui beach, boat in the water newlyweds embracing with light globes around them

Zoe and Z:  Thank you so much for choosing Angela Nelson Photography to capture your incredible South Maui Honeymoon Photo Session!  I was honored to be the one to take your wedding photos! Congratulations!

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