Maui Portrait Locations

There are so many incredible places for photographs in Maui. Whether this is your first time in Maui or your 100th time, finding a place to take your portraits can be a daunting task. But fear not; I am here to help! I can certainly help you find the right location for you and your loved ones!

S O U T H   M A U I

(Kihei, Wailea, Makena)

Po’olenalena beach

Po’olenalena beach is located in Wailea, just after Gannon’s and the golf course. This location is one of my most popular locations. Palm trees, lava rocks, wide open beaches, and greenery are some of the highlights of this beach! Parking access is easy. I recommend this beach for large families!

Facilities: porta-potty

Freshwater access: no

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maluaka beach

Maluaka beach is located in Makena and is the last white sand beach this far south that allows photography. This location is one of my favorites because of how the sun reflects off the water and the greenery just to the north of the beach (which we pass on our way to the beach itself!). I recommend this beach for smaller families (under 6 persons) as there is a small walk from the parking lot to the beach.

Facilities: bathroom

Freshwater access: yes

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Keawakapu is located in South Kihei, right before you enter Wailea. This location can be windy, but in the middle of the beach, we typically find some wide open spaces great for smaller families to play in and enjoy the surf! I do not recommend this location for families with elderly members or very young children, as the car can be quite far away!

Facilities: porta-potty

Freshwater access: yes

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White rock beach

White Rock Beach is located in Wailea. This location is great for small families. It’s incredibly popular for its mix of greenery, palms, woodsy area, and lava rock. Sometimes there can be up to three weddings at this location, which is why I only recommend it for small families (under 4 persons).

Facilities: porta-potty

Freshwater access: no

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N O R T H   M A U I

(Paia, Haiku)

baldwin beach

Baldwin Beach is the best place for morning photos, hands-down. It is located just before you get into Paia Town. The light quality on the North Shore when compared to the South or West shores is unparalled. Think wide open beaches, blue water, vibrant colors and mountains! But Baldwin Beach isn’t just for mornings. In the evenings it offers gorgeous sunsets, some fun wind, and an empty beach!

Facilities: bathroom

Freshwater access: yes

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Paia Town/North Shore

North Maui in the mornings is my favorite place ever. But it’s also amazing in the evenings. Paia town has a bunch of funky shops, surfboard fences, and murals, while the surrounding north shore areas are chuck full of greenery, rocks, gorgeous seascapes, and plenty of surprises along the way (like rainbows!).

Facilities: bathroom

Freshwater access: yes

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W E S T   M A U I

(Olowalu, Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua)

Ironwoods beach kapalua, maui

ironwoods beach

This is my favorite beach in West Maui. It’s windy and sometimes it can sprinkle a bit, but the rocks and water color out here are gorgeous. The sun does not set over the water, but it always lights up the sky rather nicely!

Facilities: no

Freshwater access: yes

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DT flemings beach kapalua, maui

dt fleming beach park

DT Fleming Beach Park is one of the last beaches in Northwest Maui. There is easy access to the beach and plenty of facilities for everyone. The sun doesn’t set over the ocean, just like at Ironwoods, but the sky almost always lights up. The beach is large and we can always find a little spot for ourselves. This spot is less windy than Ironwoods Beach.

Facilities: yes

Freshwater access: yes

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Ironwoods beach kapalua, maui

Baby beach

Though Baldwin Beach on Maui’s North Shore is my favorite spot for morning photos, if families are unable to travel to North Maui, the next best option is Baby Beach. Located just North of Front Street in Lahaina, Baby Beach has a gentle shorebreak for the little ones and plenty of palm trees to make your photos look very Hawai’i-esque. This location is also nice for evening portraits if you want less wind than Ironwoods offers!

Facilities: no

Freshwater access: yes

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The Olowalu area of Maui is a bit more off the beaten path, but gorgeous none-the-less. This location is for couples only. The pier showcases the mountain beautifully and the beaches just down the road offer a gorgeous views of the sunset on a slim stretch of beach which is typically empty!

Facilities: porta-potty

Freshwater access: no

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Northwest maui

Northwest Maui offers varied scenery such as dynamic cliffs, blue water, jungles, and so many scenic vistas I can’t even list them all. These locations are strictly for couples only, as some places are unsafe to bring children.

Facilities: no

Freshwater access: no

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A note about West Maui: I have a $75 travel fee to go to West Maui. If you’re inquiring about Napili Bay or Kapalua Bay, I never recommend those locations to my clients as there are SO many people there it is difficult to relax and enjoy our session!

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(Olowalu, Lahaina, Kapalua)


Mornings offer vibrant colors, mostly empty beaches, and are GREAT for kids! I recommend morning sessions for children under the age of 5.

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Maui sunsets are some of the best Mother Nature has to offer! Evenings tend to be windier but that sunset makes up for it! I do not recommend sunset sessions for families with young children, however.

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Now that you’ve seen locations, what time of the day is best for your session?